Expanding Value Paradigm (SwissRe)
(Hybrid Value Metrics)

Peer to peer discussion
This peer discussion addressed the latest thinking on the importance of intangible values as well as resulting risks and opportunities. Participants were able to share experiences gained and hear best practices in the managing, auditing and reporting of intangible assets. Additionally, actions to introduce a new generation of value measurement and value management were considered.
It's now possible to track monetary AND nonmonetary value progress.

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Linking the Subjective and Objective Dimension into One System of "Vector-Based" Performance Measurement.

Customers or other stakeholders require from business or non-profit organizations today to act according to their subjective, qualitative values. Therefore organizations have to take increasingly qualitative, subjective ratings and values into account in managerial decision making. Thus, they need performance measurement systems that are able to handle subjective, qualitative measures and to combine them with objective, financial information. The vector-based concept of performance measurement & visualization that is introduced in this paper and that the authors discuss is offering a practical solution for this.

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Advanced tools for Visualizing, Measuring and Managing Intangibles (Dresden 2009)

Introduction and problem description
In the last years it showed up that the instruments of the economists do not have the desired precision. The author would like to point out possibilities with this paper, how with new aspects and instruments white fields of the economic map can be mapped and new business options become possible.

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Thoughts for a complementary view to the Classic Economic Mindset


  • Practical need for model that integrates intangibles
  • Findings and Project
  • Three Levels of Enterprise
  • Values, Visuals & Framework beyond Adam Smith & Co
  • Links

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Strategic Potential and Performance Quadrants (explicit meets implicit)

Classic view is, that you measure and show value, progress and performance in monetary units. This economic paradigm lefts out that there are nonmonetary values too.
If one accepts the potential as second dimension it's possible to show the four quadrants of integrated enterprise wealth.

  • Build potential (invest money, gain knowledge/intangibles...)
  • Grow (sell goods, services, licenses, earn additional knowledge/intangibles)
  • Reduce (sell part of potential, infrastructure..., earn money)
  • kill (shed, lose potential and money)

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