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Swiss Engineering

Date: 17. Oktober 2013
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Rüschlikon Event - Peer Discussion Intangible Values

6th November 2002 - one day event
Event Theme(s): Business Management

Contact: Global Dialogue - send email to

This peer discussion addressed the latest thinking on the importance of intangible values as well as resulting risks and opportunities. Participants were able to share experiences gained and hear best practices in the managing, auditing and reporting of intangible assets. Additionally, actions to introduce a new generation of value measurement and value management were considered.

Participants from Swiss Re as well as other experts from the business community engaged in discussions during this one day event.

Conference summary: Download (pdf, Size = 5984 KB) - Conference highlights and key statements from the event
Programme: Download (Size = 152 KB) - Programme of the event

"Expanding Value Paradigm": Download Powerpoint (Size = 425 KB), Acrobat PDF (Size = 132 KB)
Peter Bretscher, Founder, Ingenieurbüro für Wirtschaftsentwicklung, Business Engineering Systems
Short presentation showing the new Vector Based Value Metric System. A compound metric that basically gives new dimensions and arguments for planning, optimizing and controlling complex Multi-Value-Businesses. 

Objects, Metrics, Figures, Values, Vector, Performance 01 Objects, Metrics, Figures, Values, Vector, Performance 02 Objects, Metrics, Figures, Values, Vector, Performance 03 Objects, Metrics, Figures, Values, Vector, Performance 04

 "Reporting and Communications Developments": Download   (Size = 290 KB)
Jürgen Daum, Senior Business Consultant and Author, SAP AG


"From Cost to Value": Download (Size = 876 KB); Fritz Gutbrodt, Head of Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue

"Investor and Stakeholder Requirements": Download (Size = 747 KB); Nils Hagander, Partner and founder, A-connect

"Risk and Corporate Governance": Download (Size = 154 KB); Stewart Hamilton, Professor of Accounting and Finance, IMD, Lausanne

"Valuing Future Business": Download (Size = 137 KB); Philipp D. Hoch, Head Group Controlling, Swiss Re

"Risk and Vulnerability Management": Download (Size = 169 KB); Thomas Trauth, Senior Strategist, Swiss Fixed Income Research

"New Models, Measurements and Maps": Download (Size = 65 KB); Felix Barber, Partner, Boston Consulting Group


Additional information?

Peter Bretscher, Engineering Office for Business Development, CH-9034 Eggersriet   Phone: +41 (0)71 877 14 11

"A new Information Revolution is under way. [...]  
It is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software or speed.  
It is a revolution in CONCEPTS.
Peter F. Drucker  
Management Challenges for the 21st Century, p.97