1st step: 2011

How to Fix Capitalism
and unleash a new wave of growth.
Harvard Business Review January - February 2011

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2nd step: 2012

Measuring Shared Value.
How to Unlock Value by
Linking Social and Business Results.
Building awareness.

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3rd step: 2013

Visualizing and Mapping Shared Value
with Vector based Hybrid Value Metrics, combining Business and Social aspects, monetary and nonmonetary value indicators and measures.


Capitalism is under siege.... Diminished trust in business is causing political leaders to set policies that sap economic growth....

Business is caught in a vicious circle.... The purpose of the corporation must be redefined around CREATING SHARED VALUE.

More and more, companies are creating shared value.... strategies that deliver tangible social benefits.

Despite the widespread embrance of the shared value concept, however, the tools to put this concept into practise are still in their infancy. In particular, a new framework for measurement that focuses on the interaction between business and social results is among the most important tools to drive shared value in practise....
When companies do not understand or rigorously track the interdependency between social and business results, they miss important opportunities for innovation, growth, and social impact at scale.

Anchoring Shared Value Measurement in Strategy. Unlocking New Value from Measurement.

While shared value measurement is still in its infancy, leading companies are each of these four steps to unlock new value from measurement.
1. Identify the social issues to target
2. Make the Business Case
3. Track progress
4. Measure results and use insights to unlock new value

Two options to start with:
1. Strategy (Strategies)
.... and/or
2. Measurement (with improved metric system)

3. Option (Meta):
Enhance performance and strength of tangible AND intangible assets.

Visualizing and communicating shared value.

Next Value Paradigm (vector based metric system).

And lastly, this one.
Count with Shared Value - and show it in context.

Sample with five clusters (products or business units or markets....). That's enough for now....

counting values

Just one more. Try it yourself in Excel.

Two axis combined. x = Business / Budget / Investments..., y = Social Impact (subjective indicators...).
Use desktop (not smartphone). Change indicators. Enjoy graph....