The structure of an organization at three levels (Offerings, Processes and Resources) in the "Business Engineering System" makes it possible to better recognize the potential and capture new opportunities.

This 3D model gives the manager new insights to re-detect the available resources and potential. It simplifies communication with employees and facilitates the implementation of new opportunities and strategies in the team.

Such (complementary) strategies, which build on the existing skills of the employees, are better supported by the employees and significantly improve the efficiency of the company.

And finally: Beyond increased performance. It is this perception of reality that also contributes to a "true and fair view" of a company that auditors should attest.

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Three Levels

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Controllers map in 3D

Controllers map 3D

Recognize the existing potentials and their interrelationships. That which is not (yet) shown in the classical models.

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Enterprise model

Enterprise model 3D

Make your individual, real three-dimensional enterprise model with the three levels:
Offerings, Processes, Resources

Elements from the model

The 3D-Model


View from outer side
Only offerings are visible

The three levels

The three levels

View from inside with three levels. 1. Offerings, 2. Processes, 3. Operating conditions (Departments and Resources)

... its Structure

structure of three levels

The three levels more detailed
Colors are "code-colors" for different orientations, tasks, departments.

Compass - six dimensions

The six dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation. The corporate identity, the organizational structure (hierarchy), the process organization, the (primary) resources, the offers, the business relations - all must be coordinated with each other.

New view - Two Strategic Options

New view - new perspectives

When capabilities move from the cross-divisional network to the centre of strategy, there are new opportunities.
Strategy 1: Goals - Paths - Means
Strategy 2: Means - Chances - Goals (2nd)

Three levels of consciousness

Three levels of consciousness

A large part of a company's potential lies "in the pre-consciousness" of its employees.
In other words, what they know and are able to do - but are not able or allowed to express.
Direct communication helps to exploit this potential.

Stock exchange, accounting, link

Stock exchange, accounting and info

Three interrelated topics. 1. the stock market price, 2. the company, 3. the appearance of the company. (How to communicate assets and potential of enterprise?)

Expanding the scope of teaching

Interrelationships (indicators)

How to calculate and communicate the real values (including potential) when only linear and monetary indicators are available?

Show where the values really are

Show where the values really are

Showing the (immaterial) values hidden by the doctrine provides transparency and security. To management, employees and shareholders.

Old Business Administration Map

Classic economics

Calculation, income statement and balance sheet are known. Only the intangible prerequisites necessary for productive operation are still missing.

charting what's missing

imaginäre BWL

For the missing elements, mainly immaterial goods, also create an "imaginary map" of the immaterial goods.

and combine it.

traditional and imaginary economics combined

The combination of the "traditional" and the "imaginary" economic maps gives the entrepreneur the necessary transparency to make better use of existing potentials.