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Managers who can manage what they can't count are called Leaders.





This site is for you, .......

...if you ever thought, that measuring values within a linear metric system isn't feasible in a multi-value environment.
...if you think that people use their subjective value feelings as a decision base.
...if you think that peoples' values matters in practice and should matter even in the theoretical models.



You may find here arguments and visualization tools for a measuring system which may help you to express your subjective values and may help you to get the real values out of statistics, of your customers, your stakeholders, your shareholders...

....a measuring system that is used in the engineering sciences already 200 years ago.


This Link gives way to the papers and the powerpoint which describes the vector based value mapping.


Basics for understanding the Vector

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pc000211e.png (10480 Byte)
One kind is the object to be measured and another kind is the metric system it is used for determinig / measuring the different properties of the object.

A destinction has to be made between:
a) tangible and intangible Objects
b) subjective and objective valuation metrics.
c) linear and multidimensional metric systems (compoung metrics).

see Intangible Values at SwissRe

pc000171e.png (80395 Byte)
Measuring the measures of the measurers measure of the measurers measure of ...
pc000224e.png (20097 Byte)

The development of metric systems.
From normative metrics to (multi-) dimensional and compound Metrics.

The vector cracks the linear metrics value paradigm.

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measuring_performance_2004_8p.docpic01.png (61319 Byte) measuring_performance_2004_8p.docpic02.png (59463 Byte) daum_bretscher_pma2004.pptpic5.png (10712 Byte)
daum_bretscher_pma2004.pptpic1.png (15034 Byte) daum_bretscher_pma2004.pptpic2.png (33354 Byte) daum_bretscher_pma2004.pptpic8.png (15792 Byte)
daum_bretscher_pma2004.pptpic4.png (12119 Byte)
pc000169e.png (263551 Byte) pc000199.png (173376 Byte)
pc000186e.png (9829 Byte) pc000187e.png (9547 Byte) pc000190e.png (14554 Byte)
pc000192e.png (12397 Byte)
pc000196e.png (19944 Byte)
pc000227e.png (80480 Byte)


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