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Swiss Engineering

Date: 20. November 2011

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When you measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it, but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, then your knowledge is if a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.
Sir William Thompson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)



Why Corporate Performance Management Must go Beyond Finance

A webseminar from Applix (David Menninger, VP Wordwide Marketing & Product Management)
and Gartner (Nigel Rayner, Research VP Gartner)

This WebCast was held February 28, 2006

You may Download the WebCast HERE (5'936 KB)
Pictures are showed below. Click on any picture and it will open in an additional window (1000x800 pixels).

Result at the End of this Web-Seminar?
You may guess it! Financial AND nonfinancial Metrics/Indicators are important and should be linked together.

Applix and Gartner are right in their reasoning.
Thats why you should buy either:

  • The PilotSoftware with the Vector-Addon from
    The one and only legal solution for vector-based performance measurement, management and controlling.


(Address at the bottom of this page.)

Vector-Based Performance Metrics are part of Business Engineering Systems (Registered Copyright TXu 512 154, The Library of Congress, 1992). You may license the Intellectual Property Rights of The BE-Systems and parts of it at:


cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_001.jpg (120216 Byte)
David Menninger, VP Marketing Applix
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_002.png (99483 Byte)
Nigel Rayner, Research VP Gartner
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_003.png (44188 Byte) cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_004.png (129655 Byte)
.... yet executives, investors and managers
value broader information.
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_005.png (70791 Byte)
Interpretation gap between
"Market Price" and "Book Price"
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_006.png (432967 Byte)
Classic models for structuring the nonfinancial assets.
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_007.png (109210 Byte) cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_008.png (100790 Byte)
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_009.png (89492 Byte) cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_010.png (65305 Byte)
Analysts with better information about
non-financial assets recommend buy....
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_011.png (42592 Byte)
Corporate Performance Management..
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_012.png (74861 Byte)
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_013.png (89745 Byte)
Show the Non-Financials...
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_014.png (72663 Byte)
Enterprise Planning,
not (limitted to) Financial Budgeting
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_015.png (135382 Byte)
Linking financial and non-financial metrics
improves return on assets and equity
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_016.png (219221 Byte)
cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_017.png (94829 Byte)
Linking strategic and operational planning...

cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_018.png (34093 Byte)
Linking financial and non-financial metrics is key
to moving beyond "the numbers".

cpm_beyond_finance_applix_gartner_019.png (60268 Byte)

They are right, Applix and Gartner - and now for a better Overview the

- VIP -
Vector as Indicator for Performance fits perfectly the conclusion of Gartner:
Linking financial and non-financial metrics is key for moving beyond "the numbers".

A Proprietary Solution for Vector Based Performance Measurement and Management.
The next Generation of MindWare and SoftWare.
Ask for License and Tools:


vector_w_drilldown.png (611186 Byte)

V 1.1 - Sample of 2D-Metric System in Excel

Additional samples of  the Vector based indicators:



Peter Bretscher, Engineering Office for Business Development,
CH-9034 Eggersriet, St. Gallen, Switzerland   Telefon: +41 (0)71 877 14 11

"The assumptions, tools and frameworks that leaders have used to make decisions over the past decade appear inadequate.
It is imperative for leaders of all walks of life to develop new capabilities if they expect to be successful and to maintain relevance," said Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (2006).