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US Navy introduces
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Date: 20. November 2011
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 If your people can't manage what they can't measure.........
Could be, that they have a wrong measurement system.
Just show them bengin's enhanced metrics.




Someone, somewhere at some time had to start with a broader use of "The Performance Vector".
An intelligent use of the multi-dimensional metric for considering multiple values as people owns.
Congratulation to the US Navy

Take the links below to gain insights into an exceptional system for personnel development.
Click the links on the left to look at the basics of the Next Generation of Value- and Performance-Metrics.

Or send a mail for further Information to:


US Navy introduces The Performance Vector:
(For more than 250,000 sailors.)

They needed a personnel system that is able to compete in the 21st century marketplace (Original voice).
And they developped it.

Download the PPT-Version here.

Look at the early Performance Vector Team website
Lots of links for basic papers.

More information? Look at the Naval Personnel Development Command
or Google for "5 Vector Model" or "Performance Vector".

Interview with Rear Admiral Ann E. Rondeau, Published: May 20, 2006

Pictures below are from an early PowerPoint from the US Navy TaskForce.

Naval Personnel Development Command


Screen shots from US Navy's powerpoint (above)


performance vector

Performance Vector

performance vector

Performance Vector: Mission

performance vector

Performance Vector: Strategy

performance management us navy

What is Performance Management?

performance management us navy

Human Performance System Model

us_performance_vector_06.PNG (15302 Byte)

Performance Vector: Methods

us_performance_vector_07.PNG (12567 Byte)

Performance Vector: Results

us_performance_vector_08.PNG (13100 Byte)

Performance Vector: Results

us_performance_vector_09.PNG (14612 Byte)

Performance Vector: Results

us_performance_vector_10.PNG (12226 Byte) us_performance_vector_11.PNG (116667 Byte) us_performance_vector_12.PNG (80002 Byte)
us_performance_vector_13.PNG (105738 Byte) us_performance_vector_14.PNG (108345 Byte) us_performance_vector_15.PNG (100620 Byte)
us_performance_vector_16.PNG (113052 Byte) us_performance_vector_17.PNG (104484 Byte) us_performance_vector_18.PNG (100536 Byte)
us_performance_vector_19.PNG (111595 Byte) us_performance_vector_20.PNG (107738 Byte) us_performance_vector_21.PNG (150547 Byte)
us_performance_vector_22.PNG (85134 Byte) us_performance_vector_23.PNG (43535 Byte) us_performance_vector_24.PNG (40965 Byte)
us_performance_vector_25.PNG (13271 Byte) us_performance_vector_26.PNG (14867 Byte) us_performance_vector_27.PNG (14158 Byte)
us_performance_vector_28.PNG (106586 Byte) us_performance_vector_29.PNG (91275 Byte) us_performance_vector_30.PNG (72159 Byte)

performance management us navy

Promotion Algorithm Study

us_performance_vector_32.PNG (10623 Byte) us_performance_vector_33.PNG (14691 Byte)
us_performance_vector_34.PNG (13221 Byte) us_performance_vector_35.PNG (17176 Byte)


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