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Want to show the relationship between monetary and nonmonetary indicators and values?
(or the relationship between monetary and monetary or even nonmonetary and nonmonetary indicators)
This is the solution: kpisquare and Vektor Profiles.

On this page you will find different templates for Excel vector profiles for download.
Click on the picture shows the large version and click on the link on the right side of the picture downloads the Excel file(....xlsx).

The templates are unprotected and free from macros/VBA.
You may use it free for your personal and noncommercial use. See Creative Commons License below.


  10_one "Pure 10 vectors"
Comparison of 10 clusters - for example, divisions, countries, projects, cost centers..... - among themselves and within the overall context.

10_one_frame 10 Vectors with frames. These frames facilitate untrained observer the orientation.

  10_two Similar to "Pure 10 vectors" but with a second record.
This allows the simultaneous display of budget and account - or two periods or.....

10_sep 10 cluster starting x=0 and y=0 (without addition) with sumvector.

  04_one 4 clusters and vectors with underlying colored background.
Easier for novices to see the interdependences.

10_one_box1 "Backed 10 vectors"
Similar to "Pure 10" - 10 clusters and vectors with underlying colored background.
Easier for novices to see the interdependences.

  10_ort_one Ortscurve / Valuetrack

Connects several 2d-Milestones - for example, nine years track of milestones in an enterprise.....

10_ort_three Three Ortskurves / Valuetracks

Example for tracking 3 Enterprises.... or customers... or competitors... or....
three periods.

10_one_box3 Similar to "Backed 10 vectors" above

The y=values of the clusters have three parameters.

Sample "Product cost":
Parameter 1 = cost of production
Parameter 2 = cost of R & D
Parameter 3 = cost of marketing

01_pyt This visualization discloses the solution to establish a quantitative solution for an objective use value.
The basics of the formula follows the principle of pythagoras.

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Questions / feedback / what's in the pipeline?

It's not easy to see the difficulties people who are not familiar with Excel would have to modify the charts to their needs.
Therefore you may send your possible questions (problems with downloads, additional links, special excel manual, license rules....?) to
So we can modify this page in that it better fits your needs.

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