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Vector-Performance Profile - breakthrough in visualizing values
(Now clear view for 36 (48) values - 3 (4) quarters, 6 business units, expenses and income)

Interpreting numbers and communicating their interrelationships is easier now.
With Excel 2010 - even without macros.
The picture below shows profiles of three quarters of UBS 2012.
Vector = business unit, x-axis = expenses, y-axis = income
Steeper vectors => better performance.

UBS performance profiles

The illustration below is an interactive ExcelWebApp.
In usual browsers you can change the data - you may even fill in the expected values for the fourth quarter - and the graph is recalculated in your browser (changes are not saved).

Try it with your own Excel 2010. Download template here: 


If you intend to use this vector principle please keep in mind that it is part of the "Business Engineering Systems" an evolving proprietary set of tools; registered Copyright TXu 512 154, March 20, 1992;
Private use is free; no derivatives. Commercial use (consulting, education....) needs individual license... ask for options.
This license is part of the business model of INSEDE, that allows us to develop and spread solutions for a more sustainable economy.

Additional samples? See the first ten of Fortune 500 here:
More Excel templates for trial? Look here:

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