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Vector-Value Profile - Subjective AND Objective Value Metric

Interpreting numbers and communicating their interrelationships is easier now.
With Excel 2010 - even without macros.
The picture below shows the costs for the development of services on the x-axis and the perceived customer appreciation for various "services" on the y-axis.
Steeper vectors show a better performance.
The red vector indicates the average performance.

The illustration below is an interactive ExcelWebApp.
In normal browsers you can change the data - and the graph is recalculated in your browser (changes are not saved).

If you have, however Excel 2010 installed on your computer, you can use the file with all the possibilities.
Download here: 


If you intend to use this vector principle please keep in mind that it is part of the "Business Engineering Systems" a proprietary set of tools; registered Copyright TXu 512 154, March 20, 1992;
Private use is free; no derivatives; commercial use (consulting, education....) needs individual license... ask for options.
This license is part of the business model of INSEDE, that allows us to develop and spread solutions for a more sustainable economy.

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