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Date: 17.05.2011
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 The problems which occupy us today are the result of an outdated way of thinking.
 We cannot solve them with the same way of thinking.
Albert Einstein

Belong ' what is countable. Measure what measurably is.
Do ' measurably what is not measurably.
Galileo Galilei

The "more intelligently" the products and services become necessary, the more mental and monetary payments in advance.
Short life cycles, competition and rising costs complicate it increasingly to amortize the payments in advance in appropriate time again.

Therefore, it is a matter in the business orientation more and more of recognizing the existing material and immaterial values and potentials better and of making usable.
On these sides(pages) point we show you arguments, instruments and solutions.

For example, with the indicators and value metrics.
After physicists and engineers count for a long time on multidimensional worth models successfully mathematically and diagrammatically, now begin more and more economists, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, controller, auditor, planner, strategist, developer.... 
to see the classic worth logic a new and to use the chances from the more integrated worth perspective. 

With the new sight way you get the new worth transparence....

... about potentials, performances(achievements), effects and expenses.
... in also the subjective, implicit worth qualities belong.
... if sequenzielles thinking obscures the look at the whole.

Logical arguments and instruments for open managers.
- So that from now not only the expenses and yields, but also the non-monetary potentials, performances(achievements) and effects belong correctly.
- So that the potentials and chances can be communicated better visualisiert and.
- For a healthy, multidimensional worth growth.

                                      Values workcount on values - add

Ask your adviser or auditor about his "non-financial Audit ", the Balanced Scoremap, the Performance profile, the balance of enterprise potential or ask for his solution for the appreciation and use of the immaterial potentials existing in your enterprise.
Or ask us if his answer is not enough for you.
We announce to you for Germany, Austria and Switzerland those specialists who can handle with it.

Your contact:
Peter Bretscher, engineer's office for economic development, CH-9034 Eggersriet Phone: 41 (0) 71 877 14 11

" A new information revolution is under way. [...]
It is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software or speed.
It is a revolution in CONCEPTS.
Peter F. Drucker
Management Challenges for the 21Saint Century, p.97