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Vector profile brings this numbers to a whole picture of distribution of wealth.
x-axis shows the number of people and
y-axis shows how much of US$ they control.
Red vector is the sum of all four clusters. Its inclination is the average wealth per person.




Exposition below is an interactive ExcelWebApp from "SkyDrive" of Microsoft.
You may change the data in your browser - graphic will change too.
This ExcelWebApp actually has some limitation


If you intend to use this vector principle please keep in mind that it is part of the "Business Engineering Systems" a proprietary set of tools; registered Copyright TXu 512 154, March 20, 1992;
Private use is free; no derivatives; commercial use (consulting, education....) needs individual license...
This license is part of the business model of INSEDE, that allows us to develop and spread solutions for a more sustainable economy.

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